Alumni Council

The Alumni Council consists of a group of graduates who are committed to serving as a liaison between the school and the graduate body. Through the council's involvement with several of the Board of Trustees committees, it also helps steer the school towards its many goals. In addition, the president of the council sits on the Board of Trustees. Council members are actively involved in the school, from helping to plan events to providing a presence on campus throughout the year. A major function of the Alumni Council, on behalf of the Alumni Association, is to select the annual Award for Distinguished Achievement recipient as well as plan the ceremony and celebration that accompanies the bestowing of the award to the winner.

The current Alumni Council members for the year 2000-2001 are listed below.

Alumni Council 2000-2001

Allison Baron '89, President
Cary Gunther, '93 Vice President
Louise Elton '80, Secretary

Ron Blum '79
Jeffrey Brosk '65
Tony Brown '76
Rebecca L. Cauman '34
Paul Getzels '81
Asa Greenberg '94
Cary Sidlett Gunther '93
Donald Hillman '42
William Irwin '74
Ronald Katter '78
Michael Katz '56
Elliot Konopko '71
Valerie Kossar '78
Dayna K. Langfan '79
Mark Langfan '78
Elizabeth Lerner '86
Mickey Littmann '52
Peter Mandelstam '79
Jeffrey Margolis '63B
Sari Mayer '84
Herbert Nass '77
William Nightingale '49
Daniel Pianko '94
Stephen Sands '80
Mark Schein '84
Andrew Schoenthal '91
Daniel Silvers '94

John E. Sorkin '86
Lisa Braunstein Zola '83

Council Members Emeritus
Peter A. Brown '53
Robert Judell '41
Robert Lippmann '54

Edward B. McEnerney '41*
Jodi Grossman Nass '78
Suzanne Sloan '77

Friends of Council
Claudia Rabinowitz Covo '77
Andrew L. Edlin '79

Sabrina W. Kleier '94

Samantha Kleier '90
Lynda Kommel-Browne '79

Charles H. Ledley '91

Noah J. Leichtling '92
Peter Levine '93
Frank Lowe '70

Ephram Lustgarten '96
Amanda Neubardt Miller '83
Andrew Rubel '91

Wendy Sassower '90
Julian Sayer '43


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